Slot Tournaments Explained

– To have a better idea of how slot tournaments work, take a look at the attached picture. It’s nothing like that. Slot tournaments, like all tournaments in general, are about competing with other players.

How is this competition possible if the players don’t even share the same screen? By simply playing your own slot game and having a bigger win than every other player. A high-score competition where the number #1 guy wins the grand prize.


Online slot tournaments are in fact the simplest of all tournaments. To participate in a slot game tournament a ticket is needed. Similarly to online poker tournaments, the ticked can be earned or purchased, or it’s simply given for free. Free entry slot tickets are my favourite, the winnings however are lower than paid-entry tournaments. The price of slot tournament tickets ranges from £10, £20-50. The grand prize consists of a portion of the entry fees. Want to limit your bets have a decent chance of winning a good prize? Then slot tournaments are definitely for you.

Limited time can be annoying. In order to make sure this “lazy man’s battle royale” ever ends a time limit is set. Playing fast enough is not the most relaxing thing, but it sure makes the competition more exciting.

Types Of Slot Tournaments

Regular tournaments can take place every day, week or month. The entry fee can also vary depending on the number of participants. The rewards usually consist of money.

Seasonal tournaments are usually the best and also the most popular. New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Spring Holiday, Summer Holiday, Halloween or Christmas, you name it, there is a fancy tournament for every season. There are free spins and big money to be won at every Seasonal Slot Tournament.

VIP slot tournaments are invitation-based and can have multiple levels. How do you find out you are not a pleb? You get an invitation to one of the sweet VIP tournaments. The prizes can vary, money, personalized items and special rewards are given to special players.

Is Winning Tournaments All About Luck?

If you compare slot tournaments with poker tournaments the first ide you may have that the slot tournament requires no skill, it’s pure luck! Unlike poker, where the player has some choices to make. This is true to some extent. An experienced tournament player already knows the rules and to max bet.
Being familiar with that type or version of the slot game can also prove helpful.

Feature-rich slot games can be the perfect tournament slot. Some of the most popular UK slots are frequently up for tournaments, such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest.
Slot games with Hold function can also be more interesting and can give more freedom for the slot player.