Common Mistakes Slot Players Make

Most players approach gambling very instinctively. Playing like this can be more fun, but also riskier. While slot games seem to be easy and pretty straight forward there are actually lots of little things that count. The result can be significant, winning pennies or winning thousands is often up to the player's strategy. Identifying mistakes is always the first step.

Things that come naturally and instinctively are often taken as universally good but this is not always the case. Here is a list of the most common mistakes slot players make, in some cases without notice.

1. Where You Play Matters

It is no secret that online casinos have a much higher return compared to classic land-based casinos. The difference can be as high as 20%, simply from lower upkeep costs for the online casino. But are all online casinos the same? Of course not.

Finding the right online UK casinos can be difficult. It’s easy to get lost with so many flashy bonuses and welcome offers. So should a new player pick a new casino to play at? The answer is simple. Always go for licensed and audited casinos.

2. Have A Strategy

YOLO gambling sounds good in theory, hoping for the big win, big jackpot. It does not work in practice. Experienced players who have a strategy will always come as the winners in the long run. Ideally, a fixed bankroll and several games should be on the to-do list. The total bankroll should be split up into multiple gaming sessions. This will give a general idea of what the bet should be.

3. Favourite Games

Browsing hundreds of slot games can be interesting and of course, some players want to play them all. Slot games usually work in different ways, in terms of features or volatility. Jumping in real money mode from one slot game to another can be a mistake. It is a better approach to be familiar with a slot game before playing it using real money. Casinos also offer blackjack, roulette, live games and slot games.

Changing the type of games played can also be a mistake. Before making a deposit the player should know what slot games, on what bet he is going to play. This 

4. Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits is a golden rule in poker, but it can also apply to online slots and any online casino game in general. Depositing until you win is a very bad plan. As a new player, you should always have a very clear state of mind and be realistic about your chances and available balance.

5. Start Small

Experience is key. Knowing on what to bet, when and how much is an important factor. Upcoming tournaments and special events most of the time provide a small boost or gifts the player can benefit from. Besides the obvious bonuses, the player can also gain valuable experience on how things work in general. This alone is probably worth more than every welcome bonus. Not taking advantage of tournaments can be just as a big mistake as not knowing your slot limits and bet.


In the end, whatever works best, in the long run, should be the best strategy. The goal is to make a profit while playing slots, and making fewer mistakes is a step towards that. Winning big and planning for the next session – there is no better feeling. Always be positive but not overconfident.